Corporate Governance, all about commitment, transparency, fairness and ethical business practices has lately become a pre-requisite for attaining growth worldwide. While a majority of stakeholders and market analysts trust the Companies following good Corporate Governance practices, many others are denied true recognition even though they have worthy potential, due to lack in governance initiatives. Without undermining its importance, we must realize that the concept has no boundaries.


Corporate Governance Mentor, aim to bridge gap from "your current positioning" to "your deserved positioning" by implanting effective systems & practices in your Corporate Framework.


  ICAC turns its eye to"Poor Corporate Governance" at Botany Bay Council
For the two years Mark Goodman was "given the key" to Botany Bay Council's business unit, the acting manager didn't access its account management system, didn't set a budget and never saw a financial statement – in fact, a corruption inquiry was told this week that he wasn't even qualified to read one.

 Corporate Governance, anyone?
well played, Michael Dobson, that was a terrific 14-year innings as chief executive of fund manager Schroders, one of the few grand old City names to flourish in the modern world. A loss-making company in 2001 now makes profits of £600m. Take a bow, throw a party and enjoy your retirement.